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Detailed Property Condition Assessment for Homebuyers, Sellers, & Owners

Green Light Home Inspections Ltd. in Red Deer, Alberta, provides all-encompassing property condition assessment for homebuyers, sellers, and owners. Our services are tailored to make sure that the structural integrity of the home is properly communicated to you before you close on any of your real estate deals. As certified home inspectors, we conduct a visual inspection of the property's accessible systems and components, including:

• Structures & Foundations
• Electrical Systems
• Plumbing Systems
• Roofs & Attics
• Basements & Crawlspaces
• Gutters & Drainages

• Walls, Floors, & Ceilings
• Porches & Decks
• Properties & Sites

We also operate and inspect the following:

• Furnaces 
• Air Conditioning during Cool Seasons
• Plumbing Fixtures in Kitchens & Baths
• Water Heaters

• Lights & Receptacles
• Windows & Doors
• Built-in Appliances


Pre-Purchase Assessment

Insist on a complete home inspection as one of the conditions before purchasing. It is one of the best ways to ensure you are making a sound purchase.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Having your home inspected prior to listing your property on the real estate market helps identify potential problems and its relative repair costs ahead of time. These inspections also help smooth out price negotiations, and bring more confidence to a potential buyer to seal the deal. A quick and fair sale is always the goal, pre-listing inspection is one of the best practices of today's market that can help achieve that.
Family House -  Property Condition Assessment

Maintenance Check

It pays to have periodic maintenance checks done on the interiors and exteriors of your home. Preventative maintenance can go a long way in terms of saving time and money for major repairs when small problems or defects are identified and addressed early on.

11-Month Warranty

Most new home warranty programs in Alberta require an 11-month assessment so that you can address all the repair issues and have them fixed. It's important to hire a professional home inspector to thoroughly check everything in and around your property, and make sure the warranty is clear and honored. This would assure that you wouldn't have to deal with costly repairs and safety issues covered by your warranty in the future.

Contact us in Red Deer, Alberta, for exhaustive property condition assessment services, which will benefit homebuyers like you.

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